Vocation Versus A Job

I want to talk with you about having a vocation versus a job.  Do you enjoy the service that you provide to the world?  One with a vocation never works, one with a job never stops thinking about the weekend.  The Japanese have a word for what gets you out of bed in the morning: they call it ikigai (pronounced ‘e-key-guy’). Ikigai is described as that sense you have when you wake up and know that this day matters. It is a reason for being. The word ikigai is generally used to indicate the source of value in one’s life or the things that make one’s life worthwhile. I believe that we all have an ikigai. I have found mine. Have you? If yes, good for you. If no, don’t stop until you know in every cell of your body how you can best serve others.

Ask And Answer

Asking ourselves insightful questions gives us useful answers.  Here are three questions that I suggest you consider regarding the idea of a vocation versus a job:

1. Can I look at myself in the mirror and say I love what I do?

2. Is my vocation serving others? How?

3. What would it look like for you to approach tomorrow with a sense of honor and privilege, believing that you have work to do in the world, that it matters, that it’s needed, that you have a path and you are working your craft? (From the book How To Be Here by Rob Bell)

Stay true and be you —


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