Sacred Space

There is a sacred space between stimulus and response.  What do I mean by that?  Well, when someone or something charges your emotions in a negative way, it is important to honor that space.  It means to pause and give yourself a chance to think about the most appropriate response to the situation.  This is especially true if you are responding to a text message or a digital communication of some sort.  So much can be, and often is taken out of context in these forms of interaction.  Have you ever heard the term, ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’?  Most of the time this is not a good strategy.  We have all done something or said something that we wish we wouldn’t have.  If given the chance, we would take it back.  So, a better strategy is ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’.  This means that you give yourself time to collect your emotions and your thoughts prior to responding to any circumstance in your life.  Hold that space between stimulus and response sacred.  React to nothing, respond to everything.

Stay true and be you —


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