Stop Holding Onto Anger

Don’t harbor anger.  It doesn’t help you, it doesn’t serve you, and it keeps you stuck.  Holding onto anger puts you in a state of dis-ease which can manifest as diseases like cancer, heart challenges and other unhealthy and harmful maladies.  And, having anger toward a situation or person allows that person to have power over you.  Take your power back.  Let that situation or person go and claim your freedom.

Why Are You Angry?

When you are angry, I find it useful to do some self-examination on why you are mad.  We need to look at all facets of the situation in order to gain clarity and perspective.  And, it never hurts to see what it is about ourselves that might be contributing to these feelings or angst and unrest.  Whatever it is, release it and allow yourself to move on.

Stay true and be you —


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