Let Nature Recharge You

Spending time in nature always recharges me.  I have set one day a week aside to write.  These writing days wear me out.  So, I either take a break in the day and go for a walk in nature or at the end of the day I go outside to re-energize myself.  The elements of natural life are loyal friends that consistently show up to help me reinvigorate myself.  Whether it is a gentle breeze, the sun warmly penetrating my skin, or the birds cheerfully singing a happy song, it always helps me to step outside and take it all in.  Spend some time in Nature. Not only is it grounding, but it is also one of the best ways to recharge yourself. Take a walk, play in the dirt, tend to your garden, or lay in the grass and take in energy from the earth. Breathe deeply and say thank you.

Stay true and be you —


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