We get so wrapped up in our days and routines that we often forget to stop and appreciate others.  We can take the service that people provide us for granted.  Today is all about appreciation. In order to appreciate someone or something, you have to be present. So wherever you are today and whoever you are with, be completely there with them. No phones, no iPads, no distractions. Just you and them.

Acts of Appreciation

Here are a few things you can do to show others appreciation:

  1.  Tape “Thank You” to the outside of your trash cans so the trash person feels appreciation when they pick up your trash.
  2.  Ask the checkout person at the stores you shop at what their name is and then thank them for helping you using their name.
  3.  As a family, go around the table and take turns telling each other what you appreciate about them.
  4.  Send someone you love flowers, just because.
  5.  Make a friend their favorite meal.
  6.  Write an appreciation note and send it.
  7.  Donate your used books, clothes, and household items you no longer use.
  8.  Call someone you know who is in a rough patch and let them know you appreciate them.
  9.  Open a door for someone.
  10.  Look people in the eyes and say hello.

Stay true and be you —


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