Who in your life, whether they are alive or not, needs your forgiveness?  If there is someone out there that you need to forgive, including yourself, get it done.  There is great freedom in forgiveness.  Don’t let anyone have power over you.  Not forgiving them and holding on to anger, resentment, ill-feelings gives them the power.  Release the situation and the person from your life.  Let them go and move on.  Set yourself free and move on to a life of peace and contentment.

Change Your Story

As with most things in our life, we make up a story around a person or situation that is hurtful to us.  Change your story so that you are able to live the future days of your life unencumbered with the past and negativity.  Consider what you learned from the situation.  Think about the good that came out of your experience; there is always something.  Do not continue to be a prisoner in your self-constructed jail.

Stay true and be you —


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