Day 15 – Cultivating Contentment
Everybody wants to be seen.
Everybody wants to be heard.
Today, listen to hear, not to respond. Listen deeply when someone is speaking to you, especially your spouse and children.
Don’t interrupt them. Let them finish what they have to say.
And then, say back to them, “This is what I heard you say.” And then tell them what you heard. This does two things:
1. They feel heard by you.
2. It keeps you on the same page. One of the biggest causes of upset in relationships is poor communication.
Look the person in the eyes. Let them know that you see them and that you are focused on them.
Kids misbehave primarily because they feel like they don’t matter.
Relationships start to fall apart because one or both people don’t feel seen and respected.
So today, do something to show someone they matter.