Appreciating Modern Conveniences

Do you take today’s modern conveniences for granted?  Last week I jumped in the shower and turned the water on, but guess what, a trickle came out.  I checked the other showers and water faucets in the house and same thing, a cold trickle.  It is times like this that we are reminded to appreciate modern conveniences like running water, electricity, washers and dryers, microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators.  Until something goes wrong with one of these life luxuries we simply go through our days taking them for granted.  I challenge you to take notice of all that you have in your life.  Next time the lights come on when you flip the switch, say thank you.  The next time water flows when you turn the faucet on, say thank you.  It is these small acts of appreciation that bring more blessings into our lives.

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