Design Your Own Home

I went to a home tour event that was sponsored by the Historical Society in my community of Rancho Santa Fe, California.  All of the homes we toured were designed by the late architect, Lilian Rice.  Many of the houses and buildings that she designed are listed in the Historical Registry.  After visiting the homes today, I thought it would be a great writing/design challenge for you.  Design your own home.  What would it look like?  How big/small would it be?  What materials would be used?  What is the color scheme?  What does the exterior look like?  What does the landscape look like?  Go to town.  Have fun with this.  If you could design your ideal home, what would you do?

I Designed My Home

Several years ago, my home was destroyed by the wildfires in southern California.  I had never planned to build a house from the ground up, but Mother Nature gave me the opportunity.  It is an arduous process that requires thousands of decisions, but I found it to be an incredible learning experience.  I learned a lot about design, construction, project management, and of course, myself.  As a matter of fact, the ceiling of my dining room was created from wood that came from the first school built in Rancho Santa Fe in the early 1920’s.  The designer of the school, Lilian Rice.  So, get after it, design your own home.

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