What’s Your Story?

Your story creates your life.  Do you need to rewrite your story?  Our lives appear as we say they look.  We all have an account of our life, the question is, are you telling an inspiring story, or one of drama, struggle, and strife?  It is rare that anyone goes through their life without some hardship, tragedy, or challenge.  However, the meaning we give to these events can determine how our life looks and feels.  We can classify ourselves as a victim or someone who used the occasion to change our life for the better.  We get to decide this.  There are some fantastic stories of overcoming horrible life circumstances and going on to make a significant contribution to the world.  And, there are stories that on the outside appear to look like a fairy tale, but unravel into profound tragedy.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

I challenge you to be the author of your story.  Get your journal out, or a notebook, or a stack of paper and write the title on the first page.  The title is, The Greatest Story Ever Told.  Now, start writing.  Start creating a life that you love.  Use this as an opportunity to rewrite your story.  Make it great.  Make it inspiring.  Make it a life worth living!


Stay true and be you —


Create a Life You Love
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