Watch the sunrise.
Each day is born with a sunrise.
Each day is a fresh start for you.
The way we start the day matters. It sets the tone for how we will allow the hours to unfold.
The morning sun is critical in syncing our circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms are our internal body clocks that signal a cascade of hormones at the right time each day. Among other crucial hormones, the circadian rhythm incredibly impacts how well we sleep at night and our alertness in the morning. It gives us energy throughout the day and makes us sleepy at night.
Morning sun can help relax the mind and bring contentment to your life.
Take in the sunrise often. No phone. No TV. No noise. No excuses. It is absolutely free.
Just you and the birds, and the cool breeze, and the wispy clouds, and the opportunity to breathe in the beauty and peace of a new day.