Focus On Your Relationship

We must focus on our relationships to protect them from being jeopardized by outside distractions.  Our lives are full, and the world moves fast.  There are massive amounts of distractions that can cause us to be pulled off center when it comes to the ones we love.  I believe that digital devices are beautiful vehicles for connection to the outside world.  However, there is an addictive component to excess use of these tools.  Instead of spending one-on-one time with family and friends and practicing full presence, we reach for our phone to see if we have any new friend requests.  We hope for a bunch of “friends” to “Like” every post.  We monitor our followers on Instagram as if each one is a cherished person in our life.  The fact is, social media and much of what is available to us via the internet has been developed to increase your dopamine levels and keep you coming back for more.

Digital Detox

I invite you to commit to a digital detox so that your relationships can begin to thrive.  Human beings deepest desire is to be seen by someone.  Be that someone.  Limit your time on your instruments and instead create ways that you can spend more time seeing those around you.  Look them in the eyes and smile and let them know that you appreciate them.

Stay true and be you —


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