Let go of the past.
This is a photo of me and two of my horses. It was taken several years ago in my corral.
I call this photo “Walking Away”.
I treasure this photo for many reasons:
1. I am with Chief (the paint on the left) and Winston (the bay on the right). Both of them chose to transition in the past few years. I loved them so much, and I miss them deeply.
2. These two fellas taught me so much about contentment, trust, and joy.
3. It reminds me to “Walk Away” from people, places, and things that steal my peace.
4. It reminds me to “Walk Away” with people, places, and things I love and trust.
5. It reminds me of the great asses they both had.
As challenging as it can be, I urge you to let go of the past. Holding onto words or deeds, you perceived to have been hurtful from your past keeps you stuck. Take your power back. Let go of your need to argue for your limitations.
Set yourself free.
Start telling a better story. After all, you are the author of the story of your life.
Walk Away.