When Breath Becomes Air

Here we are at one of our reading challenges.  If you have read this book, read it again.  If you have not read it. Get it. Read it. Take it all in.  When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Galanithi is a wonderfully written true story about a young man who came from a long line of doctors in his family.  He never wanted to be a doctor.  He attended Stanford where he studied biology and literature.  He went on to study history and the philosophy of medicine at Cambridge.  And finally, he graduated from Yale with a degree in Neuro Surgery.  Alas, a doctor after all.  He spends many years telling patients that they are going to die from their medical malady; a conversation that was NEVER easy.

Becoming A Patient

After all those years of training, at the age of 36 Kalanithi was diagnosed with level IV metastatic lung cancer.  He tells of his transition from doctor to patient and what an odd and compromising position he assumed.  The book is layered with science and medicine and compassion and heartbreak; Kalanithi is a stunning writer.  When you put the book down after reading the last words, you will sit there for awhile and consider how you are living your own life.  When Breath Becomes Air is a must read.

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