Why should you ‘View Every Experience as a Gift’?

Ah, this is a tough one. How can heartbreak of any sort be a gift? Gifts are unrecognizable when you are in the eye of the storm drowning in anguish, fear, and disbelief. It is only when you get to the other side of the pain and disappointment that you have the soundness of mind and the peace in your heart to understand, know, and accept the gift. This 4 week eCourse helps you to unlock what is trapped in your heart and acknowledge your past experiences as blessed gifts.

During this class you will:

  • Come to understand that life doesn’t happen “to us”, but “for us”
  • List the “gifts” in your life and record why they are gifts
  • Chronicle your greatest “gift” and share it with others
  • Create a list of G.I.F.T.’s that you will use to make a difference in the lives of others

Up next:

The universe is on purpose, it makes no mistakes. Even painful events are gifts. Challenges are gifts in disguise because they teach you valuable lessons.
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