The 10-Part Lines In The Sand course invites and guides you to become your true authentic self. Each ‘Line’ delves deeply into a specific facet of your life, where you will be taught to strip away the non-essential, and to identify and reveal your authentic values and traits. This journey is challenging and invigorating. There are hard questions that demand honest and certain answers. You will find moments of sadness and of great joy as you recognize things about your life that you don’t care for, and as you discover details about yourself that you never imagined. Ultimately, your course through the Lines in the Sand will reveal grand new heights and an extraordinary life to come. A life worth living.

Lines In The Sand: Rancho Santa Fe, CA is a year-long, small group course. The ten Lines classes are taught by Annie M. Fonte in a day-long workshop, once a month in a beautiful, serene setting in the coastal hills of Rancho Santa Fe, California – just north of San Diego. Participants spend the time between classes preparing themselves for a meaningful, inspiring and growth-filled day with Annie.

The Lines In The Sand: Online Edition is a self-paced journey that will guide you on an adventure of self-discovery. Each Line will consist of video-based inspiration, coaching and instruction coupled with coursework and project downloads. To learn more about each Line click on the linked list above. You will find answers to Commonly Asked Questions here.

Each part requires thoughtful reflection, preparation and effort. We encourage you to take the necessary time to allow each Line to saturate your mind with honest consideration and realization. By doing so, you will set yourself onto a new, exciting path where you will live your life more fully, more happily and more confidently. The course follows this order: