I had the chance to visit with Jonathan about what can be an uncomfortable subject; conflict. Have a listen to what he has to say.
Jonathan Miller has spent hundreds of hours in deliberate communication practice and stretching himself outside of his comfort zone. He is a former program leader at Landmark Worldwide and is a Certified Professional Coach through Erickson Coaching International. He has done extensive training in Nonviolent Communication and is also a dedicated Vipassana meditation practitioner, having spent well over 2,000 hours meditating in the past few years. His coaching style is rigorous, compassionate, and highly action-oriented.
In this episode of the Badass Soul Seeking Warrior Podcast Jonathan talks about the causes of conflict, why people have such fear around conflict, and he offers tips to overcome any conflict challenge.
You can learn more about Jonathan at the following links:
Use the Promo Code BADASS50 for a discounted one-on-one session with Jonathan.
Tough Talks Made Easy: https://bit.ly/ToughTalksMadeEasy
Mindful Communication Podcast: https://anchor.fm/podcast-863ccb8

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