How To Make Good Choices

You have probably made so good choices in your life and some not so good choices along the way.  What is the best way to make sure you are making choices that benefit you?  Well, I have come up with a checklist.  It will help you to stay aligned with your values and to live with integrity.

The Checklist

Before making your next decision have a look at these questions and allow them to be a guidepost for you.

  1.  Will this choice bring me peace?
  2. Will this choice bring harm to me or others?
  3. Is this choice supportive of my health and well-being?
  4. Will this choice make me proud?
  5. Is this choice somthing I want or that I need?
  6. Will this choice bring me short-term gratification with long-term regret?
  7. Am I honoring and trusting my gut by making this choice?
  8. Will this choice help me to continue to grow and evolve as a person?
  9. Am I making this choice because I know it is right for me or am I making this choice because I think it is what others want me to do?
  10. Have I been patient about making this choice or am I rushing into it?
  11. Will the consequences of this choice be positive for me?
  12. Will this choice result be good for all the people that I have a relationship with?  Spouse/partner, children, friend, business partner, co-worker, family member?
  13. Does this choice allow me to be my authentic self?
  14. Am I making this choice from a place of certainty and not fear?
  15. Does this choice allow me the freedom and flexibility I want in my life?
  16. Does this choice give me energy vs. drain my energy?
  17. Is this the choice one that allows me to do what I really want to do?
  18. Does this choice support my personal values?
  19. Does this choice support my financial goals?
  20. Does this choice bring me joy?
  21. Does this choice support me in living up to my full potential?
  22. Would this choice be a good example to others?
  23. Does this choice add value to my life?
  24. Does this choice support the life I want to create?
  25. Does this choice support the life I want to live?

Keep in mind that your life looks and feels the way it currently does because of the choices you have made.  The best way to change your life for the better is to start making better choices.  This list can help you.  Remember, your happiness is your responsibility.  No one else’s. Yours.

Choose wisely my friend.

Stay true and be you —


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