Day 14 – March Theme: Vision

I had a hard conversation today.
It was about a challenging situation that our company is traversing. I was expressing how important it was for me to have honest exchanges with our clients about an upcoming transition.
The person told me that other companies dealing with a similar situation don’t find it necessary to have this level of interaction with customers and that customers will just deal with it.
To which I replied:
“I don’t give a flying fu@k what other companies do. I don’t want to be like other companies. I want to be the best company. And for me, it comes down to integrity. Just because other companies are half-assing it doesn’t mean I will. We are better than other companies, and I intend to keep it that way.”
This is my conviction because I have a vision for my company.
I don’t have “a hope”…
I don’t have a “whatever happens, happens”…
I don’t have an “it’s good enough”…
I don’t have an “everyone else is doing it”…
I have an unrelenting commitment to excellence because I said I would.
That’s all.
You’re welcome.