Be Where Your Feet Are

What does that mean to be where your feet are?  For me, it means to stay in the present moment with my mind, body, and soul.  My past is gone, and my future hasn’t happened yet.  All I have is right now.  It takes practice to ‘be here now’ and not engage in situations that can create unsettling energy and emotions.

Don’t Miss The Special Moments

The other advantage of ‘being where your feet are’ is that you don’t miss out on special moments.  As I describe in my video below, things can be fleeting.  If we are not there to see the wonders at the moment, the next moment, they may be gone.  Presence can be especially challenging if we are overwhelmed, overtired, and overscheduled.  But here is the good news.  You get to decide where you will ‘be.’  The dire truth is that our lives look and feel the way they do because of the choices we have made.  I invite you to take some time to examine the choices you have made.   Is your life joyful?  Are your relationships healthy?  How is your physical health?  Your mental health?

What Will You Decide?

What decisions are you willing to make to redesign your life and create a life that you love.  Your happiness is your responsibility, not anyone else’s.  So, challenge yourself to ‘be where your feet are’ and become aware of how you live.  Is it with intention?  Or is it with reckless abandon?

Stay true and be you —


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