Day 1 – Respect

I have chosen respect as the theme for February. I need to catch up on this, but don’t count me out.
Why respect? Well, because it has become a scarce action these days. With your help, I want to focus on how we can reinstall some straightforward actions and words into our daily lives that will extend much-needed respect to those who deserve it.
Let’s start here. BE ON TIME. Being late is the same as saying to someone, ‘my time is more important than yours.’
Here is how I like to approach this. I ask people what their definition of on time is.
Some say, “five to ten minutes early.”
Others will respond “to the minute.”
And others, with a measure of a cavalier attitude, “five to ten minutes late,”
And the real charmers will say, “within the hour.”
Now you know what you are dealing with. When I lead a meeting or have a team of people serving our clients, I tell them that my definition is “five to ten minutes early, and I expect that they adopt the same respect for time.
Now I realize that on rare occasions, things come up that are out of one’s control that can adversely affect one’s timeliness. When this happens, could you call and let people know and give them an idea of when you will likely arrive? Of course, you can. It’s called respect.
So, what is your definition of on time?