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                                                                                          Read Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

This was a page turner for me.  Elizabeth Holmes started Theranos in 2003 after dropping out of Stanford University at the age of 19,  She had an idea that could change healthcare and healthcare delivery.  She convinced people like Larry Ellison, George Schultz, Henry Kissinger, and many others to invest in her company to the tune of $700 million.  The only challenge is the equipment and testing mechanism she helped to spearhead never worked.  Unfortunately, she lied for years about the capabilities of her technology which led to the demise of her company.  John Carreyrou, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal with the help of a few whistleblowers, broke the story of this house of cards.  In this book, he details the horrific game that Holmes was willing to play in order to become the first female Silicon Valley billionaire.
Get the book and read it.  It is a jaw-dropping account of one of the biggest scams in corporate America.

Get your journal. Yes, right now.  Sit down and answer these two questions:

What do you love doing that you aren’t doing?

This is an important question to answer.  What is it for you?  Travel, singing, cooking, dancing, stand-up comedy?  I don’t know, but whatever it is for you, do it.  Don’t put off doing things that bring you joy and put a smile on your face.  Please don’t wait until it is too late. Make it a goal to leave this world with NO regrets.

Ebullient = “Be” cheerful and full of energy.

Ebullient.  You might have just learned a new word!  We may not have control over everything that happens to us, but we sure as hell can control how we act.  Test it out.  Regardless of what occurs in your day, have a look at the meaning you give to the occurrence.  Your chosen behavior will have an impact on your day, and likely the lives of others as well.  So, give it a shot.  Throw some cheer around today.

The “Be” This: words come from the “Be”- Attitudes Kit™. I created the kit a few years ago to assist people in
carving out quiet time for themselves and to set the tone for their day. You can learn more about the kit here.

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”  

— Albert Einstein

Lines In The Sand

I am starting a live Lines In The Sand course in late May 2019. If you are ready to go on a journey of self-discovery
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21-Day Authenticity Challenge

This is a self-paced online course that will assist you in letting go of the past and start living with ease and
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Have a great week.

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