Adrian Buckaroogirl Brannan

Adrian “Buckaroogirl” is a 20 something firecracker who is equally at home in the branding pen, ranch bronc or stage, who burst onto the western music scene at just 14 years old.

When she began sharing her songs of Nevada and cowboy’in as seen through the eyes of a young woman, the cowboy world hadn’t seen many girls of her caliber performing. But her old soul lyrics and powerful voice related to young cowboys and cowgirls, buckaroos and cowpunchers of the old west alike.

As a student majoring in International Relations and languages, Adrian began taking her time off the road to connect with young women her age through her weekly “Dear Cowgirl” posts on social media and blog. These open letters/poems to women around the world have sparked a massive following for their honest and upfront manner, and continued openness about Adrian’s experiences as a domestic violence survivor.

Western Horseman Magazine has called her the “buckaroo’s Taylor Swift” and have chosen her song, The Will James Days, from her first CD, Highway 80, as one of the 13 Best Western Songs of All Times. Also from Highway 80, her songs, Old Time Vaquero and Praise Him for the Pequaps have found their way into multiple western videos.

Adrian’s second CD, Boots, and Pearls was produced by Tom Russell who said in The Cowboy Way Magazine, “I heard the clear potential. I was impressed that she had such a great voice and was so at ease on stage….Adrian is the breath of strong fresh air that the cowboy music scene needs. I was honored to have worked with her.” The title cut from Boots and Pearls has spawned a nationwide tide of theme weddings from women who identify with Adrian’s ability to be feminine, but working cowgirl.

Adrian’s third album, Buckaroogirl was released in 2012, and Ranch and Reata Magazine says that “Adrian’s new CD, Buckaroogirl is a gift to all of us who enjoy real western music. She is, in fact, the real deal.” She says that her new songs “….reflect my experiences and those of the cowboys I work with and live around.” The January 2012 issue of Cowboy’s and Indians Magazine listed Adrian in their Next West highlights as one of the “…20 bright young stars of the Western world…”

Heading back into the studio in 2018, Adrian’s new album is set to be released this fall. Loaded with blues, smoky sounds and heartfelt lyrics – the natural progression of this Buckaroogirl through music and the west isn’t one you will want to miss.

1:05 Intro

2:48 Childhood and Upbringing

7:50 Adrian’ music career

10:27  What influences Adrian’s songwriting

15:05  Adrian’s experience of sexual-assault and domestic violence

22:38     Adrian’s advice for those who may be experiencing abuse

25:20     Replacing security with freedom

30:55     Off the grid and being a cowgirl

34:00     Losing her home in a fire

39:37     Adrian’s first book, Dear Cowgirl

42:30     Education

46:00     Final Thoughts




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