Ten years ago Louis Boria had a dream about knitting that changed his life.  His story is proof that if you follow your passion, regardless of what others may think, you will find success.  Louis feels that no one should have a fear of doing what they love because of fear of judgment from others, or what others may think.  He says that one of the best ‘side-effects’ of his knitting is that he is helping to break down barriers and expectations around gender roles.  In this podcast, Louis and I talk about living life with passion, purpose, and freedom.

1:48       Louis discusses his childhood

3:28       Louis had a dream that changed his life

6:00       How Louis taught himself to knit

9:20       How knitting turned into a business

13:00    Louis speaks about being concerned about what others would think of him knitting

14:00    Louis knits during his commute to and from work

19:20    Louis has inspired men around the world

20:15    Support and inspiration from followers since Louis went viral

26:00    Louis’s favorite thing to knit

29:00    Helping the homeless, Knit One, Give One

36:00    Teaching kids to knit

39:40    Louis’s advice on creating a life that you love

43:12    Louis define what happiness means to him

45:30    Writing a book

47:15    Louis’s best advice to his younger self

40:00    What Louis still has to learn

51:00    What Louis still wants to accomplish

54:00    Louis’s advice to those who want to learn to knit

56:39    Final thoughts


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