Making Assumptions & Creating Expectations

Have you ever done this?  Made assumptions about a person or a situation or create expectations in your mind about how you think someone should act, how an event should turn out?  If so, you may be your own worst enemy.  Assuming and expecting are common practices and usually with they are created with good intention.  However, oftentimes we make these assumptions or have these expectations without communicating them to anyone else.  And then what happens?  If they are not met, we get angry or resentful at a person or situation that has no idea we had conjured these things up in the first place.

Turning Expectations into Opportunities for Communication

I have found that the best way to avoid the letdown of unmet expectations is to clearly communicate them to the parties involved.  Being upfront about what you want and need from someone gets everybody on the same page which will eliminate future dust-ups.  Have you ever noticed that the littlest things can blow up into awful and unnecessary outcomes?  So why not take the responsibility for living with clarity and intention instead of blaming someone or something else for something that they didn’t know you wanted.

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