Do You Have The Travel Bug?

Many of us love to travel, and just as many have dreamed of going to places near and far to explore and experience things that will give us a lifetime of memories.  Planning a trip is exciting.  We imagine what it will be like to set out on a voyage to a place we have never been.  We do our research about the must-do’s and the must-sees, we read as much as we can, look at all the pretty pictures online, and ask people who have been there what it was like for them.  Would you go back?  Was it worth it?  What was your favorite part of the expedition?  And then the day comes when the preparation becomes a reality.  We go and do, taking it all in with great anticipation.  We eat the food, see the sights, ride bikes, go on hikes, sleep in new places, shop, meet new people, and take photos.

And sometimes, we imagine partaking in these adventures as we go about our day-to-day responsibilities of partnering, parenting, leading, grocery shopping, making meals, paying bills, and doing our best to take care of ourselves—all the while asking ourselves how we satisfy such wanderlust.

An Invitation

Regardless of where you find yourself on the spectrum of travel desires, I have an invitation for you.  Consider this.  You have vast amounts of unexplored territory inside of yourself.  Metaphorically speaking, you are your own foreign country filled with frontiers of possibility waiting for self-discovery.  Ask yourself the same questions as you would before any excursion;  Where are you headed?  Why?  Who are you taking with you?  What do you want to learn?  How do you want to feel?  What are you looking for?

As Rainer Rilke once said, “There is only one journey.  Going inside yourself.”

Be open to the exploration of yourself.  You will find your authentic self there, and that, my friend, is true freedom.