Focus of the day:

Aware – “be” of sound judgment and presence of mind.

What Can We Learn?

I had a good bit of time today to think as I was working solo on a landscape project i.e. pulling weeds…lots and lots of weeds.
And I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I and maybe you learned these things from this 30-day timeout:
1. Instead of living with obscurity, may we learn how to live with intimacy; with family members and ourselves and nature and our animals and our thoughts?
2. Instead of living with fear, may we learn to live with courage and trust and compassion?
3. Instead of living awkwardly, may we learn to live with grace and grit?
4. Instead of living a little too rough around the edges, may we learn to be more elegant and accepting of ourselves and others?
5. Instead of acting like so much came to an end, may we learn to expect and embrace new beginnings?

Can we? I sure hope so…

Stay true and be you —


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