Have A Look At Your Behaviors

Today’s focus: Growing – “be” of a thriving nature
Today’s invitation: Look at your behaviors in the following domains of your life. What behaviors are allowing you to evolve, grow, and thrive? Which behaviors do you need to change in order to improve your life?
Relationship (spouse, partner, significant other)
Physical, Spiritual, Emotional Health
Commit to doing one thing in each area to improve the way you are living.

Healthy living:

1. Take many BIG, DEEP breaths throughout the day. Get outside and move your body. It is important to keep your lungs healthy.
2. Eat an alkaline-based diet. This lessens the inflammation in your body and helps to deter viruses.

What are some good news stories you have read about or heard relating to the COVID-19 virus? Here is a link to a few that I like:https://www.redbookmag.com/…/a3205…/covid-inspiring-stories/

Take care and be well.

Stay true and be you —


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