My Prayer

April 5 – For many of us, Sunday has been designated as a day of rest. The last two or three weeks have been unprecedented as we are experiencing a universal timeout. Most people on the planet are on this history-making journey together, stepping into each day with uncertainty, yet hope. On this day of rest, I trust that you are also taking time to reflect and renew your faith, knowing that every experience holds a gift. When the dust settles from this unexpected storm, we will be witness to the good that came from it. Today and in the meantime, this is my prayer:

May our actions be inspired by kindness and understanding.

Please let judgment be replaced by forgiveness and consideration.

As the days ahead bring us more to endure, please give us the clarity to rely on our instincts of compassion and patience.

May our thoughts be free of fear and, instead, heavy on possibility and promise.

May this time lead us into the enormous spaces of being authentic.

May this time strengthen our ability to dwell in unknowing and give us the courage to live with the tensions of uncertainty.

May we be gracious with ourselves as we explore deeply within and awaken to the wisdom that has been hibernating there.

May we trust that being genuinely present in life will bring us peace, and may we hold steadfast to believing that this too shall pass.

Bless you, my friends. Live with grit. xoxo

Stay true and be you —


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