Focus of the Day:

Learning. My definition of success is to learn something new each day. Today I want your help on two things:
1. What companies/universities took advantage of the SBA and PPP programs intended for small businesses (500 employees or less)? Which ones are giving the money back and which ones aren’t? I want to know how you feel about this.
2. Who has been researching the potential negative effects of 5g? Send me the facts. I want to educate myself about this.
And finally, a GREAT BIG thank you to the farmers, truckers, healthcare professionals, grocery store teams, mail and package delivery folks, and restaurant personnel who are showing up every day and making a huge contribution so that your life and my life are easier to navigate during this timeout. Every time you see one of these folks take a few seconds to express your appreciation for the massive efforts they are making during this time. #quarantine #learn #5g #sba #WTF #saythankyou #whatdoyouknow #teachme #farmers #truckers #healthcareproviders #keepyourassinthesaddle

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