April 2: OK friends,

The focus for today is: Persistent – “be” persevering regardless of the challenge.
Learn more about the “Be” – Attitudes Kit here: www.beattitudeskit.com

Idea for connection: Google Adopt a Grandparent and start connecting with the elderly folks out there who cannot receive visitors during this time.

Inspiration of the day: Feed The Fight. Look them up and learn how they are making a difference.

What are your top 3 Values? I will add the PDF worksheet in a separate post. Sit down and do this exercise for yourself and then do it with your spouse, partner, and kids. You will learn a lot.

Pause and Reflect: A Fork In The Road. This can be found on page 63 of Keep Your Ass In The Saddle. If you have read the book, thank you. Re-read this section. If you have not read the book, do. You can get it here: https://amzn.to/33gONRa

Sign up for my 21-Day Authenticity Course free of charge for the next 90-days here: http://meetmeatthebarn.com/p…/21-day-authenticity-challenge/

Finally, hold your feet to the fire with routine and rituals.
Use these 30 days to create habits that will benefit and serve you.
Get up, make your bed, prepare and eat a healthy breakfast, learn something new, move your body, be part of the change for the better.
Make it a kickass day. xoxo

Stay true and be you —


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