Focus of the Day:

Intentional – “be” fully aware of what I am doing.
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Today’s Invitation: Write some letters.

1. Handwrite a letter to someone. Put a stamp on it and mail it.
* There is nothing like receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. I would invite you to make a regular habit out of this practice. It doesn’t matter who you choose to write to, but I guarandamntee you, it will put a smile on there face. Do it.
2. Write a letter to yourself. Call it “A Year From Now”. Include all that you want your life to be a year from now. I would suggest that you include the following domains of your life:

* Family
* Friends
* Relationship-spouse/partner/significant other
* Physical Health
* Emotional Health
* Vocation
* Learning & Creativity
* Personal Development
Be intentional and describe in great detail with clarity how you want each of these areas to look and feel and be a year from now. Once you are done, put the letter in an envelope and address it to yourself. Give it to someone who you trust to send it to you or put it in a place where you will find it next April. Have some fun with this. It is amazing what happens when you ‘put it out there’.

Stay true and be you —


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