Focus of the day: Vulnerable – “be” open to sharing your softness.

As we start week three of this timeout, I invite you to say thank you more often. There are many folks out there that are working around the clock so that you and I can comfortably go through this trek.
Thank them. Who are they? Well here’s a shortlist:
Grocery store workers
Truck drivers
Trash collectors
Foodbank volunteers
Healthcare providers
Manufacturing workers
Mental health providers
Health & Wellness providers/coaches
Cleaning people
Landscape workers
Servicemen and women
and many more…

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If your life is in tip-top shape and you are happy and content, this invitation is not for you. Don’t waste your time reading the rest of these words. However, if you find yourself feeling a little off-balance, unsatisfied, or out of sorts in any aspect of your life, read on.

Now is the time to start the 21-day Authenticity Challenge. This valuable mini-course is for you if:

• You havlack of certainty in any aspect of your life.
• You are feeling unworthy in any way.
• You are feeling like something is missing in your life.
• You are not 100% clear about your top 3 values.
• You are not satisfied with your relationship.
• You are stuck in the past.
• You are worried about the future.
• You compare yourself to others.
• You take what others say or do personally.
• You are not happy with your financial situation.
• You are often tired or exhausted.
• You are not satisfied with your career/vocation
• You are struggling with your health and wellness

I have grappled with all of these things in my life.

The THING that changed my life was to recognize that I had a choice about what my life looked like and felt like. I figured out that I had the power to re-design and create a life that I love.
In this 21-day Authenticity Challenge, I will be sharing with you all how I created a life that I LOVE.
It STARTS WITH AUTHENTICITY. That’s right, it is time to get real.

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All my best, xoxo

Stay true and be you —


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