For no particular reason, I found myself thinking about the alphabet the other day and was astonished to discover that, according to the folks at Global Language Monitor, there’s a new word created every 98 minutes.

That’s about 15 words per day, which brings the current number of words in the English language to 1,025,110 — and, of course, counting.

I don’t know about you but it amazes me that 26 letters are used to create all those words. After pondering this for a bit, I decided that I too would use these same 26 letters to catalogue words that would be worth my frequent consideration.

The words in my alphabet are meant to be reminders of how important it is to establish a solid foundation of just “being.” And that includes being alone with ourselves and gathering with others. Here’s my list:

Attentive: I will pay close attention to others and myself. I will wisely be the observer of my actions and emotions without engaging in any meaning beyond the mere viewing. I will be present to being considerate, polite and courteous to others as well as myself.

Big-Hearted: As I go through my day, I will be good natured and kind.

Compassionate: I will be aware of the pain and distress of others and I will do my best to be kind, gentle and understanding of their circumstances. I will be sensitive and warm to myself in times of pain and sorrow.

Daring: I will show up fearless, which allows me to be my true self.

Energized: I will do at least one activity each day that will allow my physical body to move in order that I will have the energy and enthusiasm required throughout the day.

Forgiving: I am willing to practice forgiveness in my life because it will afford me the greatest freedom of all — peace (because after all, forgiveness is being able to thank someone for what they taught you).

Grateful: Every day I will say thank you. I will honor and appreciate all that I have — including material items and relationships with people.

Honest: I will be honorable with my intentions and actions and words.

Inspired: I will seek the extraordinary quality of the people, places and things in my life.

Joyful: I will choose to seek pleasure and lightheartedness in my daily living.

Kind: I am committed to being kind rather than nice in my dealings with others and myself. This means to be gracious in my attitude to others and to myself.

Loyal: I will live with devotion and faithfulness to all that matters to me in my life.

Magical: I will seek the extraordinary in all things and recognize how the world astonishes me each day.

Non-judgmental: I will practice not being critical of others or myself.

Open-minded: I will be willing to consider new ideas — knowing full well that not everyone holds the same views.

Present: I will not trip over that which is behind me and I will not get out in front of myself. The power exists in the present moment. I call this “keeping your ass in the saddle.”

Quiet: I will spend time being quiet, still and calm each day.

Relish: I will learn to take pleasure in the activities of my day.

Sincere: My words and actions will reflect what I genuinely feel and believe.

True: I will be steadfast and honest with others and myself.

Unlimited: I will embrace the limitless possibilities that exist in the world.

Vital: I will be zestful, fun and funny in my actions and interactions with others and myself.

Willing: I will be open to experiencing new things that take me out of my comfort zone.

Xenodochial: I will be kind to others — even those I do not know.

Youthful: I will be vigorous and fresh with my approach to life.

Zany: I will be silly and childlike and not take things too seriously.

Have some fun with this. Make your own list or use this exercise as a conversation starter with family and friends. What will you create with these 26 letters? Who knows you might even come up with 15 new words today!

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About The Author: Annie M. Fonte is the founder and CEO of Meet Me At The Barn — a self-mastery and personal development program designed to help people of purpose achieve their highest level of living. With an MBA from Harvard University, Annie has founded numerous successful ventures in health care, sports medicine, continuing education and hard goods. At Meet Me At The Barn, Annie and her team produce live and online courses that guide clients toward living an authentic life and that help people discover and pursue their true self and passions.