You can go here and learn about what I have been up to in the world. It will tell you the usual things like where I went to school, what companies I have worked for and what companies I have started…and then there is this:

My Manifesto

Be grace. Do what I know for sure. Spend time with God, often. Drink it all in. Go on walks. Hold hands. Let someone love me…love them back. Do good. Love all of God’s creatures. Give a lot…take a little. It’s all good. Live and Love fully. Expect miracles. Give thanks. Embrace everyday epiphanies. Be all in. Know the sanctity in “moments”. Be me. Choose Love not fear. Shine a spotlight on what matters.

I Believe…

…we should give every day the chance to be the most beautiful day of our life
…that great warriors are not meant for easy battles
…that we should leave people better than we found them
…that life is a series of tiny miracles
…in being fiercely loyal
…that sleep is over-rated
…that cowboy boots were created by angels and everyone should have at least one pair
…in the breathtaking beauty pink peonies
…in the magic of puppy breath
…in the health benefits of a little red licorice and a mini-tootsie roll, (or two) now and then
…that sleeping with books and magazines doesn’t make me any smarter, but I do it anyway! 

“You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe!”

Oprah Winfrey