Instead of Technology, Here’s What I Did

I have taken the last several months away from social media. It was a great reprieve from what can be valuable information and learning opportunities, as well as a massive distraction. Instead of reaching for technology, I spent time planting and harvesting my garden, keeping things around my house tidy and refreshed, and going on long weekend hikes with my dogs.

Digging in the dirt and growing things brings great satisfaction. It can also be frustrating as the critters find their way to the tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant, peppers, and herbs. However, watching the plants grow and mature to the point that they bear fruit is a fascinating adventure. And, like many things in life, some seasons are better than others. This year was okay but not great. I learned a lot and will give it another go next spring and summer. The flower gardens thrived with the rain and cooler weather. My hydrangeas graced me with many beautiful bouquets of full and delicate purple blooms.

I also enjoyed refreshing some of the décor in my house. It was time to brighten things up with a few new area rugs, eclectic furniture, bed linens, and a plant or two. The process has happened over the last four months. A slow but steady journey that turns out to be a lighter and more joyful way to live.

I love nature, and the weekend walks with my boys, 2Sox and True, allow me to look closely at the flowers and trees and listen to the birds and other sounds of the early morning. I take pictures to capture the intricacies of the plants and flowers that so generously bring their best selves forth for me to see. And I have noticed that the more you look for the miracles of Mother Nature, the more they show up.

I also took the time to read books, a lot of books. Some were funny, others intriguing, and a few were page-turners. I love to read, and picking up a good book is much more inviting than a device. Holding the book in my hands, turning the pages, and sometimes highlighting and making notes in the margins is like eating a good meal, where you enjoy every bite.

The break was fantastic. And now, as I ease my way back into tastes of technology,   I will bring the lessons of moderation, focus, and appreciation. I invite you to take a break now and then. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.v