Time For Transformation

This morning I had a thoughtful conversation with a co-worker.  We agree that this is a time for transformation.  I am going to do my best to capture the essence of the chat because I believe it warrants consideration.  It has been our mutual observation that many folks who have been through the recent universal timeout due to COVID-19 are struggling.  Some remain fearful.  Others are frustrated,  and many are attempting to regain some form of normalcy as they walk out of this unexpected and unplanned event.

We discussed the fact that so much of our external world and experiences have been built as an artificial structure.  The focus has been on growth and expansion and constant movement and going faster and more.  More stuff.  More distractions.  More devices with more apps.  More, more, more.    All of this has been done at the expense of Nature and certainly at the cost of nurturing our internal terrain.   It can be identified as unrestrained growth.  Chaos on the outside and cancer on the inside.

Let’s Be Honest

Unless one lives under a rock, it is no secret that there is chaos sprouting up all across our nation.  Some want to call it ‘protest.’ Why not just call it what it is; organized anarchy.   Please don’t engage with the vastness of lower-dimensional behavior.    Recognize it for what it is, unhealed wounds, ego, projection, and lack of personal responsibility.  Everything that has been lying in the underbelly is now coming to the surface.   It is when we are afraid on the inside that we express fear on the outside.   The same goes for boredom and anger and distrust. Here’s the good news, you get to decide what you will choose.  Will it be love or hate?   Peace or disorder?  Giving or taking?  Responsibility or blame?  Overcoming or victimhood?  Informed or ignorant?

How Do You See Beauty?

In the days, months, and years to come, it will be essential to do things that support light and to embrace the appreciation of beauty.   How do you see beauty?  If I handed you a photograph of an elderly woman with a face full of wrinkles that cataloged the history of her life, whose eyes sparkled with wisdom and gratitude and whose smile lite up the room, what would you see?  Compared to a photo of the Kardasians (I have nothing against them and the life they choose) who are all tight and right and dressed to the nines with perfectly coiffed hair and flawless make-up, what would you see?  Which photo makes you feel expanded versus contracted?  Which photo makes you feel like you can be a part of it versus excluded from it?  Will you go toward what generates light in the world, or will you be distracted by the shiny objects?

It is during times like we are currently living that Masters’s retreat.  They get quiet and still themselves.  Their inner wisdom is allowed to bubble to the surface to provide transformation and evolution of their being—the gentle way in which they choose to live leaves no trace or irreparable scars on the planet.

The external expression of people’s internal pain can be transformative if we are all willing to tell the truth about our lives.  Will it be easy? No.  Will it be comfortable? No.  Will it be worth it?  Hell yes!

Stay true and be you —


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