“Gardening is not outcome-oriented. A successful harvest is not the end of a gardener’s existence, but only a phase of it. As any gardener knows, the vitality of a garden does not end with a harvest. It simply takes another form. Gardens do not ‘die’ in the winter but quietly prepare for another season.”

This quote rings true to me as we are transitioning from summer to fall.  Years ago my favorite time of the year was summer.  I enjoyed the long days and warmth from the sun.  I grew up on a farm and the extra hours of sunlight allowed us to complete the many tasks that come along with tending to the land and gathering the fruits of our labor during harvest time.  Our work days were purposeful and focused.  Every minute counted as we raced against time and mother nature.  The harvest of farming was outcome-oriented.  It is how we made money.  We relied on a bountiful yield of our crops so that we could put food on the table.  Some years were better than others.  That’s how it goes with farming.  You are not guaranteed a certain amount of money at the end of the day or week or month or year.

The seasons served a purpose.  I have come to recognize this in life as well.  We need a reprieve from the long hard days of summer.  Deep work demands deep restoration.  As we are evolving from one season to the next, I invite you to listen deeply to your body and nature and the universe.  Take big expansive breaths of the generously offered crisp air.  Slow down your pace and notice the changes that happen as the days shorten and the temperatures drop.  Eat good food and read good books.  Take in the magnificence of colorful sunrises and sunsets and most importantly embrace the wonders of the season.

Stay true and be you —


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