We are fast approaching the last quarter of 2017. Trick-or-Treaters will soon be on our doorsteps only to be replaced by a big turkey dinner a few weeks later and then Santa Claus will roll into town. The next thing you know you will be putting the empty champagne bottles in the trash and 2018 will kick 2017 to the curb. I don’t know about you, but the more mature I get, (aka getting older) the faster time seems to be flying by. And, I have come to appreciate that I want to chase only the things that make my heart dance. One way I am able to do this is by planning my days, weeks, and months with mindful attention to my desire to continue to create and live a life that I love. I am also a visual person who likes to organize myself with a paper planner versus using my cell phone. There is something satisfying about the tangible and visual aspects of using a beautiful and inspiring planner to manage my time. Now, instead of waiting until the last minute to get your 2018 calendar/planner, my coaching to you is to get yours now so when you welcome in the New Year you are ready to go. As you know, there are hundreds of options available to you in the planner world. Below are six that I have researched and like. I happen to use the Passion Planner and I like if very much. Have a look and see what will work for you.

Volt Planner

The Volt planner encourages you to have a theme for your week, month, and year and it gives your room to record your achievements throughout the year so you can reflect and celebrate. When it comes to reaching your goals this is the planner that can help you make it happen. By setting yearly, monthly, and weekly goals, and then allocating you time accordingly it acts as a constant reminder to help you focus on what is important. There are weekly journal prompts for inspiration, and plenty of blank space so you can adapt the planner to your life.

Panda Life Planner

The Panda Planner is a unique personal planner system. Developed through years of testing and built on the latest research in positive psychology and neuroscience, the planner is designed to be your all-in-one solution to live a more productive, inspired and happier life. It includes a ‘morning review’ section that prompts you to list what you are grateful for as well as cultivate focus and set the tone for your day. The planner helps you to increase your efficiency by making sure your top 3-5 priorities get done first, everyday! And, it helps you to define weekly goals, detail your home or work projects, and bring focus to the goals that matter most for your week.

Passion Planner

Passion Planner is the one place for all your thoughts. It is more than just a planner—it’s a tool that helps you break down your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. It has been designed to encourage you to plan for the future, reflect on the past, but most importantly, act on the present. Think of it as a 24/7 life coach that fits in your backpack or purse—always ready to challenge you to focus on what is most important, accept your thoughts and ideas without judgment, and prompt you to reflect on your everyday life.

Day Designer

A well-designed day is a well-lived life.

The idea for Day Designer® was born in 2010. It grew from chaos: an overflowing email inbox, a hand-scribbled to-do list, a pile of meeting notes and a daunting schedule. Whether you’re a working professional, full-time mom, or a diligent student, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions. Created by Whitney English.   Day Designer is a simple and easy system created to help you find balance, focus and productivity.

This planner isn’t magic, and it can’t live your life for you. But it can, through a simple, guided framework, help you figure out a focus for intentional living. It can be a trusted tool for setting goals, creating a plan and taking action each and every day.


WeekDate is the high-tech calendar for people who love paper. It allows you to write your monthly activities that occur on the same day at the top of the planner. Then, you record your weekly events, meetings, activities, and classes at the bottom or the planner page. Allow for room to write the specifics of your activities in between the top and the bottom. This gives you your life all over and you only have to write most things down once. Go to the website and have a look to see if this might be the ideal paper planner for you.

The Full Focus Planner

This planner was developed by Michael Hyatt, a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller. Built for a 90-day achievement cycle, the Full Focus Planner™ gives you a quarter of a year’s content so that you aren’t overwhelmed by planning (and tracking) 12 months at a time.

If you choose an annual subscription, you will be sent a fresh planner each quarter. This way, you can stay focused and clear on what’s in front of you without losing sight of the big picture.

Michael’s Big Three task framework is designed into every daily page so that you can narrow down and record the highest-level items for each day. The planner also offers goal templates so you will never lose sight of your big picture ambitions. Additionally, it allows you to record your daily rituals to keep your routine and stay productive. Finally, there are pages for weekly and quarterly reviews that assist you in keeping your momentum high.

I would love to know what planner you use and what you love about it. Please share your information with me and others so we can be the creators of our destiny. As always, I am you biggest fan in supporting you as you create a life that you love.

Stay true and be you —


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